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Explore the haunted history of medieval Amsterdam on a Free Dark Side Tour

Amsterdam wasn’t always the free-minded city it is today. Step into the shadows of medieval Amsterdam with our local guides and discover a dark past of torture, public execution, and witch hunts. Tread through narrow alleys to find out how they got their spooky street names and uncover ghostly urban myths surrounding ruinous buildings on this free tour.

Join a Free Dark Side Tour of Amsterdam, if you dare to unveil the sinister side of our historic city centre. Every day at 16:00 (4 pm),

On this 2-hour Dark Side Tour Amsterdam we cover:

Spooky street names

Explore the origins of specific street names and uncover the eerie tales behind them, such as the Bloedstraat (Blood Street) and the Spooksteeg (Ghost Alley).

Possessed orphans

In the year 1566, the mischievous behavior of the city’s orphans escalated to a point where their actions resembled that of little demons. Delve into the historical records to unravel the intriguing details of how these orphaned children spiraled out of control, uncovering the circumstances and events that led to their unruly behavior during this significant period.

Anatomy lesson

Delve into the intriguing study of human anatomy by uncovering the unorthodox methods employed in body dissection, revealing the historical practices that shaped our understanding of the human body.

The anabaptists

Discover the chilling stories of the unbaptized, as their gruesome fate and the punishments meted out unfold in tales echoing through history, revealing the harsh consequences of religious beliefs.

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Our beautiful Amsterdam holds numerous unsettling and untold stories, prompting us to craft a dedicated evening tour. I cherish storytelling and believe it’s crucial to reveal our free-minded city’s dark history. The 2-hour Amsterdam Dark Side tour exposes the city’s cruel medieval past, not for the faint of heart. Bring courage and fortitude, and I’ll see you on the next tour!

Step into the dark side of Amsterdam!

Welcome to Amsterdam’s dark side, where history meets horror and buried urban myths rise from the grave. Not just a ghastly ghost tour, we show you that the actual events of Amsterdam’s ominous past are much more horrific than a cold spot in a dark alley. Visit the places where ghost sightings were reported, to find out the real stories behind the urban myths of Amsterdam. Find out why the gallows were located at the docks, for arriving sailors to see the public execution of criminals and discover how witches were persecuted in medieval Amsterdam. Hear stories about nuns digging up old graves and orphaned children being taken over by an inexplicably demonic force. Book your spot at a Free Dark Side Tour Amsterdam, or the untold truth will haunt you forever!

Amsterdam Dark Side Tour is at 16:00 (4pm), book now to secure your spot!


In Amsterdam, a really old city with lots of creepy stories from almost 800 years ago, you can find signs of tricky things that happened in its narrow streets. Our guides storytellers tell stories about murders, disloyalty that’s bad, and lovers who used to be happy but went crazy and did wrong things.

The streets in the city seem to have spirits that can’t rest, always looking for comfort from their never-ending pain. With a bright lantern, our brave guide is here to show you the spooky side of Amsterdam, telling stories of really dark betrayals.

This Free Walking Tour shares Amsterdam’s history and some of its scarier stories. It’s mostly for fun, but it talks about some really serious stuff that might not be good for kids. (18+)

When the sun goes down, Amsterdam becomes a magical place with lit-up bridges and reflections in the water. Let’s explore the city’s hidden spots together – who knows what or who we might find in the dark corners?

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